My goal is to make my clients happy and equip them with the digital tools they need to succeed with their own businesses. I provide a range of technical and artistic services that can be used on their own or in a complete package. Your needs and desires are the core of this process. 

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Professional Services

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Web & ux Design

Having a logically designed, beautiful website is a must for any business these days. I create custom, responsive, easy to use websites for business and personal use. They look good to the human eye and comply with all the technical standards search engines look for. Always mobile friendly!

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Developing a whole new business? Great branding (especially a logo!) is crucial. You don't need to do everything yourself - hire me and I'll take care of branding your company or product to your satisfaction.

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Graphic Layout

Need books, proposals, brochures, or whitepapers laid out? I have the technical know how, plus a comprehensive understanding of printing/publishing requirements across a variety of mediums.

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Photo retouching

I've been using Photoshop for more than half my life now, and I can fix even the most stubborn of photographs. Whether you need architectural photos cleaned up, headshots beautified or even a fantastical image created from scratch, I love the challenge and artistry that goes into photo retouching.


Selected Works



Sam Fajner headshot

Sam Fajner

I had the great pleasure of collaborating with Alisha at TEECOM for 5 months, from January 2022 to May 2022. Alisha joined TEECOM as a Senior Marketing Specialist to cover when our entire Marketing team was on leave. Alisha not only did a fantastic job at delivering excellent marketing services, from Collateral development to Responses to RFP/Q, Graphic Design, and Presentations - She integrated with the team gracefully, with a Go-Getter attitude and a true partner mindset. Even though she was a contractor for a set period of time, she worked with us as a true member of the team, just like a full-time team member would. Alisha brought expertise in many facets of Marketing and cared deeply about her final product, as well as the service and experience she provided. If you need help in Marketing, Communications, Graphics, Web Design, Alisha is the person you want to add to your team! It would be a pleasure to work with her again.

Principal, Executive Vice President @ TEECOM
Marie Franklin Headshot

Marie Franklin

I highly recommend Alisha's Marketing Consultancy Services. She was able to come in with multiple people on leave and hit the ground running. She worked with multiple different team members that all had wonderful feedback to share when producing proposals. Along with proposals, she was flexible and willing to take on any project I put in front of her. I would definitely work with Alisha again!

Marketing Manager @ TEECOM
Ed Tingley headhsot

Edward Tingley

Alisha never backs away from a task, large or small. She's especially good at what she does because she truly enjoys the work. Her innate sincerity and inquisitive nature are equally matched by her friendly, outgoing personality.

Principal @ LoFT A+D
Ruben Borup headshot

ruben borup

Alisha is skilled, hardworking and an absolutely amazing person to be around. Yes, she is great at computers and a fast learner, but that's just the tip of the iceberg - she draws, paints and sculpts the most beautiful things you can imagine. One of things I like the most about Alisha is her thoughtful way of meeting people and the task at hand. She really is wired differently than most people, and this comes to her advantage in so many ways.

Senior Producer @ Steelblue
Jinwei Zhang headshot

Jinwei Zhang

Alisha... is one of the most energized and positive people that I have ever met in my life. She is a very talented and creative designer and takes her job very seriously. She never takes a 'no' as no. 'No' is a new challenge for her. She is also really self motivated. She always goes out her way to learn new things and do things that is out of her responsibility. Would recommend her anytime as a designer and as a person.

Project Manager @ EDG Design


May 2019 — Present
Creative Director
// The Business Agency

I work with a team doing very similar things to what I do on my own, but combining our expertise to give the best to our clients. We help both young and established businesses up their game with great graphics and quality websites.

Nov 2017 — Present
Digital designer
// The World

This is what I'm doing now - creating websites, producing custom art pieces, establishing branding, retouching photos and more.

May 2017 — Nov 2017
creative director
// Aether United

Jumped into the deep end of the blockchain industry and learned a lot - fast. Helped to make a highly technical and intimidating product seem inviting and understandable.

Oct 2013 — Jan 2017
multimedia Designer
// Quezada Architecture

Learned the ins and outs of the Architecture Industry and all the processes that go with it. Full start to finish production of print and digital presentations of all types.

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